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Our Target Setting & Value Added Team devised the Raising Achievement Keys which hold reminders of Beginning/Developing/Mastering targets, VCOP, Big Science, Brain Gym, 6 hats, Multiple Intelligences, P4C, Mind Maps, Bloom's Taxonomy etc. The keys are designed to be attached to a book-ring as a ready reference guide to our strategies to raise attainment. We use the VCOP pyramids on our desks to help focus our writing. 

Click on the links to view our Keys to success:


2. Big Science

3. P4C

4. De Bono 6 Hats

5. Bloom's Taxomomy

6. TicTacToe Extension Menus

7. Multiple Intelligences (Smarts)

8. Mind Maps

9. Brain Breaks

10. Analysis based targets

11. Teaching & Learning

12. VCOP Desk Pyramid

13. Give me Five! 

13. The Liverpool Writing, Reading and Speaking & Listening grids help us set targets and level work.

We use the Taxonomy Wheel to decide what to do when we finish our work. Synthesis and Evaluation are the most challenging segments of the Taxonomy.
We can evaluate our action learning:
And we evaluate our thinking:

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