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February 12th, 2007

On 12th February 2007, our new LIFTED Pupil Voice School Council representatives met with Paul Johnson from UNICEF - their meeting centred around the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the associated responsibilities that these rights bring. Paul asked them to create a Blog detailing their progress in school. This will also appear on the UNICEF website. The Rights Respecting School goals tie in with our school mission and values statements. We are the first Primary School in the North West of England to commit to achieving this standard.

Our blog tells the story of our progress to becoming a Rights Respecting School. Read on…

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  1. Katie Smyth Says:

    I was in a meeting with Paul Johnson, a man from UNICEF, today. It lasted for ages but was very interesting. I can’t wait to tell you all about the RRS (Rights Respecting School).
    I was representing the School Council and I hope to bring in some good and helpful ideas throughout 2007!
    Bye 4 now.

  2. Rachel Smith Says:

    I was also in the meeting with Paul Johnson. I found it very long but exciting. You can play games to learn about the Rights. He has left us some games to make how you learn the Rights more exciting. This involves playing ‘whats in the box’, ‘wants and needs’ and many many more!
    I hope you enjoy it as much as we are.
    Do you want to find out more?

  3. Mr Johnson Says:

    I was very proud of how Katie & Rachel approached their meeting with Paul Johnson.

    It is exciting to think that we can be the first Rights Respecting School in the North West and that it will make a difference to how we behave both here in Westhoughton and as global citizens. The RRS will help us live out our mission and values statements in our daily lives.

    I am looking forward to helping the PVSC develop this further over the next few months.

    It will also be interesting to read Katie & Rachel’s blog - detailing their progress to us becoming a RRS. Paul is going to put a link to their blog on the UNICEF website -

    Watch this space!

  4. Rachel Smith & Katie Smyth Says:

    We guess you are wondering what being a Rights Respecting School (RRS) involves?

    Our Pupil Voice School Council is fully supportive of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. So what is this?

    A convention is an agreement between countries to obey (follow) the same law. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland agreed to obey the convention of the Rights of the Child on 16th December 1991. That means our government have to make sure that every child has all the rights in the convention except articles 10 and 37 which they did not agree to. You can read the rights in our Pupil Voice Zone page on the school website. By working to learn these rights and knowing them and living them, we are helping UNICEF ensure that our world is a happier place to be. We already do a lot of the things we need to do to start out to becoming a RRS. Paul told us it should take about a year for us to achieve the award. But that is not the end - it has to continue to help us live out these rights. With all rights come responsibilities. For example, if children all have a right to education, we have a responsibility to try our very best to learn when we are in school. If someone is distracting others, we have a responsibility to tell them to stop and help them to learn too. We will be gradually introducing you to these rights via the other PVSC members. They will tell you about it in your class council meetings. We have a special task - we need to collect evidence and complete a grid linked to the main outcomes of a RRS. Paul is coming back to help us with this later in the term. We also have his email address, so will be keeping him informed. He is excited that we have been involved from the very first meeting. He has given us leaflets and information too that will help us to help you all understand your rights and responsibilities better. So, if you want to find out more before your class council meeting, you could type ‘Rights Respecting School’ into Google or visit these websites:

    You can also click and click on the link to Blue Peter. Their appeal is linked to the work of UNICEF.

    CAFOD also work with UNICEF to help children overseas have a better life by putting the Rights of the Child at the heart of their work.

    We have a lot of work to do over the next few months. We need all of your help.

  5. Rachel Smith Says:

    Hi again,
    Yesterday we had a Pupil Voice School Council meeting and we discussed the RRS. We told them the four main rights and gave them all a challenge. We hope we explained the rights well to them so they can later on explain them??at their class councils. We will soon be??introducing suggestion boxes so that you can have a say. Your class councillors will be making them soon!

  6. Katie Smyth Says:

    I was at the School council meeting too. Rachel, you did a fantastic job! We are hoping to achieve the RRS Award. This will usually take 18 months but as we are ahead of that it should only take 12 months. GREAT!!!!

  7. Katie Smyth & Rachel Smith Says:

    Me and Rachel have just ordered 350 of each leaflet Paul gave to us (there are 2 kinds of RRS leaflet).
    We will get them in about a week and hopefully you will all get one!

  8. Rachel & Katie Says:

    We’ve got the leaflets that we needed and we will be giving them out soon!

  9. Rachel & Katie Says:

    We’ve just been in a meeting with the Governors Curriculum Committee and have explained to them the main points of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. They support us in becoming a Rights Respecting School.
    We will be meeting them again soon to tell them how we think we have progessed and we might be able to teach the teachers!!

  10. Katie Smyth Says:

    On the 19th of March me and Mrs Brannan were in another meeting with Paul Johnson again. He has helped us to fill in a progess chart. He thinks we’re doing fine and wants us to teach the teachers. The Rights can help in many subjects such as: History, English and many others. We hope that you will start to learn about the rights later this month or the next!!!

    Keep looking on this blog. Paul said he might leave us a reply!

  11. Paul Johnson Says:

    It was great to meet with Katie and Mrs Brannan on Monday 19th. I’d like to congratulate you for all the work that you have done so far. Getting the Rights Respecting School Award is not easy and I’m so impressed that it’s the young people at Sacred Heart who are in the driving seat. I’ve told the other Unicef Education Officers about what you are doing and we all agree that you are the only school in the country doing the award in this way, so we are all interested in what you are doing and how you do it! All my colleagues have seen your website and blog and think that it is great. Would you mind if I told other primary schools about this blog? I think that it would be very helpful if other schools could find out what you are doing. It would be especially helpful for other children who I know would benefit from joining the blog and find out what you are doing - they could tell you what they are doing as well. Looking forward to seeing you next month,
    Warm regards,
    PS I’m trying to send you my powerpoint but it’s too large to send.

  12. Katie Smyth Says:

    Hi, This is Katie,
    We wouldn’t mind if you show people our blog!
    Thank you - I’m so pleased you think we’re doing well.
    Please keep looking - I’m sure that soon there’ll be a lot more!

  13. KatieSmyth Says:

    Yesterday we were in a meeting with Paul Johnson and he has now taught us to teach both the children and the teachers about the Rights. When we get round to you we will start off with a wants and needs challenge. First we have to train 4 more Pupil Voice School Councillors as our deputies! So watch out Councillors, Miss Smyth and Miss Smith are ready to take over!!!
    Rachel and Katie.

  14. KatieSmyth Says:

    I’ve not been on for a while but I have come to tell you about our progress. Me and Rachel have now trained the teachers at a staff meeting and trained our Y5 Deputies who will be taking over in September.Our Deputies will soon be having a meeting with us and Paul. We hope they will be as good as us when we leave on the 13th of July!
    When we trained the teachers on 18th of June we found it easier than we expected but the teachers I must say were worse then children to teach!

    We have also been spreading the word about the RRS - our Junior Youth Speaks entry was on this topic - listen to the podcast of our speech.

  15. Katie Smyth Says:

    Lauren and Aimee - if you need any help then post on the blog and I’ll reply. Sorry I couldn’t help sooner but I’m caught up in school work! Say hi to Paul!

  16. LaurenMcCrory Says:

    Hi Sir…

    How are you?

    Katie is in my house and she said, ‘Can you speak to Mr Conley for the morning off when you do that assessment with Paul? [If you want me and Rachel to come!] Is that to decide whether we get the award or not?’

    Are you excited?!

    Sir…when is the next PVSC meeting?

    Lauren & Katie.

  17. Mr Johnson Says:

    I will speak to Mr Conley to ask if Rachel & Katie can come to the RRS assessment day in June. We will need them there to explain what launched the project.
    Good luck gathering all your evidence Aimee & Lauren… it is a lot of work to do. Do you need to report to the Governors - like Rachel & Katie did?
    We will need a PVSC meeting soon - please organise the date and time. I think Mrs Byrne would like to speak to the PVSC, so please invite her too.
    Well done Lauren & Aimee - I was proud of you at the meeting with Paul last week.

  18. Lauren McCrory and Aimee O'Donnell Says:

    Sir….we have just had a meeting with Mrs Byrne and she said we have to arrange a meeting on Friday with all the school council, so if you are reading this councillors, remember FRIDAY @ half twelve!!!!! Anyway, we need to write a policy (have we spelt it right??!!) and we have never done it before so it’s kinda SCARY!!!!!!! SEE YOU LATER!!!
    Aimee and Lauren xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  19. Aimee O'Donnell Says:

    Today we have just had a staff meeting to go over what the teachers remember that will help us achieve the award! Lauren and I were there. Did you know that Mrs.Parkinson didn’t know about Project Palestine until we explained it to her just then in the meeting!? Everyone was quiet while sir spoke (it was scary being in front of all the teachers!)…almost like they were scared of him!
    I’ll update this blog on Wednesday or Thursday to tell about the award, if we won it, and what Paul Johnson thought.
    ‘Til then,
    Aimee xxx

  20. Lauren McCrory Says:

    Aimee and I have just finished our first ever staff meeting, it was frightening! We talked about Rights and Responsibilities to achieve the award on Wednesday! We were so excited! Hope to get the award with Katie and Rachel’s help.

    Bye!!!!!! xxxxxxXXXXXX

  21. Mr Johnson Says:

    Well done to everyone who has worked hard today to learn more about rights and responsibilities in our theme day.
    Thank you also to the magistrates who came in to work with Y6 - and who will return next week.
    Lauren & Aimee - thank you for working with us all at the staff meeting tonight. People are not really scared - but the 5 listening actions are shown in staff meetings too, not just in the classroom!
    I gave your letters to Mr Conley and Rachel today at the Y7 praise afternoon. Mr Conley says it is fine for Katie & Rachel to come to Sacred Heart this Wednesday.
    Tomorrow, Lauren, Aimee & I will meet to put together some evidence so that it is easy for Paul to see what we have been doing. We should also have a learning walk of the school - so that you can practise for Wednesday when you will show Paul and the other UNICEF assessor around.
    I am very proud that the children have led us towards being a RRS at Sacred Heart. Whatever happens on Wednesday, well done and keep it up.

  22. Adham Khalil Says:

    Hi Lauren and Aimee…
    Hope you are well.
    Your school should be proud of you as we are here in Palestine also simply you are human who think about others. You draw the smile on Palestinian children’s faces when you supported the project. We need your support as I am thinking to make a project “Despite the siege, we will sing for Palestine”.
    Our children are waiting your support.
    With my love,
    Adham _ Palestine

  23. Rachel & Katie Says:

    We came back to Sacred Heart today for the final asessment and have just found out that Sacred Heart have become the first school in Bolton to achieve the RRS UNICEF award!!!!! But…………………………. that’s not the end, we have only achieved Stage 1 of the award - we will still try for Stage 2 in a few months. We hope we will be in the newspaper shortly!
    Byee xxxxx

  24. Ingrid Cox Says:

    I am delighted to learn about all your hard work to achieve stage 1 of Rights Respecting Schools.

    I am working to persuade other schools in the north west, especially secondary schools, to also go on that journey.

    Well done everyone!

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