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February 12th, 2007

Remember that although you have elected representatives for the full School Council meetings, you are all members of your Class Councils.

Join in with our School Council Blog and have your voice heard…

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  1. Mr Johnson Says:

    The first PVSC meeting is this Thursday lunchtime, 15th February.
    Come back to read what happened at this first PVSC meeting.

  2. PVSC Meeting 1 Says:

    On Thursday 15th February 2007 we had our first Pupil Voice School Council (PVSC) meeting. All classes (C3-C10) were fully represented with their two PVSC members.
    Everyone was excited to be part of something new. A couple of members had been on the old School Council and noticed that the PVSC was different.
    The first part of our meeting was led by Mr Johnson, and the second part by Katie and Rachel - the C10 representatives. Fr Michael Johonnett also called in to say hello.
    We began by looking at the PVSC’s job on the ‘Pupil Voice Zone’ page of the website.
    We decided that the PVSC logo would contain handprints and a heart shaped world with PVSC in the centre. We will create our own handprints as members of the PVSC after half term. Our job involves us helping not just our school but our world too!
    We thought about how it was important to be good examples to all others at school as PVSC members.
    We spent some time discussing what we would need to do:
    We need a PVSC noticeboard - Mr Johnson is to ask Mr Davies about this. There is a nice one stored in the school garage;
    We need a PVSC suggestion box in the school foyer - Mr Johnson will arrange this;
    Each class council needs a PVSC suggestion box - Class members to arrange this;
    We need to think about making our school more eco-friendly. We might invite Mrs Taylor, our Geography leader, to a meeting soon. The Eco-school framework might help us achieve this goal too;
    We need to make sure that everyone at school knows what has gone on at PVSC meetings. Those who had been on the old School Council said this had been difficult to do and had not worked properly before. We needed a new way. It was agreed that we all report back to our class councils and that we take it in turn to write in the PVSC Blog on the website after each meeting;
    We must find ways to make our community safer, healthier and more peaceful. We will think about this later in the term;
    We are to promote the UN Rights of the Child. Katie & Rachel (C10) told us that they had met with Paul Johnson from UNICEF about us becoming a Rights Respecting School. They told us that with rights come responsibilities. For example, we all have a right to Education / Learning. With this we have a responsibility to learn well and behave well in class. We agreed that if someone misbehaves in class we would remind them of their responsibility - and that we would tell our class council about this. Katie showed us examples of displays that we might put up to promote children’s rights and responsibilities. We have to collect evidence that we are learning about this. Paul Johnson will return soon to help us. Rachel told us that she would give us some activities to do with our class councils after the half term. We all agreed that this was a good idea. Katie & Rachel will keep a RRS blog that will be linked to the UNICEF website.
    The meeting lasted about 35 minutes and we all left ready to carry out our role as PVSC members.
    Later in the day, Mr Johnson visited C3 as their PVSC representatives led their class council meeting.

  3. Robert Hay Says:

    I wonder what they will be talking about on the Council? I’m quite excited about what’s gonna happen during the year. I’ll be thinking of a suggestion to tell Katie or Rachel. Please keep me informed.

  4. Mr Johnson Says:

    To find out more about recycling, go to this website:

    Enter the ‘How to take part’ section, then ‘Primary’, followed by ‘Carrying out an environmental review’.

    You will find some questions there. Think carefully about Sacred Heart School and try to answer the questions. Ask your friends what they think.

    Do you think that the PVSC could gather evience to work towards the Bronze award?

    Visit to find out more about how materials are recycled.

  5. Mr Johnson Says:


  6. Mr Johnson Says:


  7. Laura Bracegirdle Says:

    Hi Mr Johnson,
    Our Pupil Voice School Councillors came back on Thursday or Friday. They said we all had a right to our name and if we got called we had to tell the person they have a responsibility to call us by our correct name. I said it was a great idea. Who made it up?
    From Laura. Class 8.

  8. Mr Johnson Says:

    The PVSC members discussed the UN rights of the Child. You can read them all by going to the ‘Pupil Voice Zone’ in the main menu of this website. With all rights come responsibilites - and we want Sacred Heart School to respect peoples’ rights.

  9. Mr Johnson Says:

    I thought you might want to see these two school blogs to gain inspiration for our own new blogs.

  10. Katie & Rachel Says:

    Have you any ideas? Type them in… We’ll be on every dinner time to check and answer suggestions.
    You are part of our Council!

  11. Katie & Rachel Says:

    PVSC minutes:


    Opening prayer: Prayer for our school

    Absent: Class 4 representatives (no apologies received) Rachael C9 (sent her apologies)

    Suggestions from Class Councils ~

    Class 3: Bigger cloakrooms (better pegs would do for a start). Action:C3 to make signs asking people to be tidy in the cloakroom and report back.
    Class 4: (absent)
    Class 5: KS1 adventure trail extended, KS1 & KS2 discos after school. Action: To look into discos run by children after school / possibly include Y2 in summer term disco?
    Class 6: Sunshade canopies on the yard / gazebos for summer on the field. Action: C6 PVSC members to cost gazebos.

    To be continued…

  12. Katie Smyth Says:


    Class 7:More playground facilities
    Class 8:Better discos
    Class 9:Lifted to do discos
    Class10: Lifted to do discos (Katie to write letter to PTA) - we may have one PTA disco and one PVSC per term. PSC disco could raise funds for our projects or for charities such as Unicef.

    Suggestions to be put forward:

    Lifted to do discos
    Sunshade areas in summer.

    Next meeting: Friday 16th March - 12:30pm - Learning Zone.

  13. Aimee O'Donnell and Lauren McCrory Says:

    Minutes of last PVSC meeting:

    Opened with??a prayer for Sean Green.

    Updates / Suggestions:

    Class 3: C3 are making cloakroom tidy signs.
    Class 4: Absent
    Class 5: We could have a pet day so they have to look for a website for the animal?
    Class 6:We could repaint the white lines for out of bounds areas. Ewan looking for a website for a shelter.
    We said that the reason why the boys are not allowed to have footballs is because they fight and they don’t play fairly.
    Also we said they are not allowed to play before school.
    Mr Johnson said that Year 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 playgrounds could become one and Reception have their own. We thought it was a good idea.
    On the carpets in the class room there is loads of mud so Mr Davies has had to use a strong hoover.
    Class 7: Write next minutes.
    Class 8: See school staff on more fun days.
    Class 9: They said every month we could raise money for Unicef.
    Class 10: We could write a letter to Westhoughton High about some of their pupils’ bad behaviour as we walked to the swimming baths.
    We also said don’t run when there is a fire drill!
    Class ten PVSC reps are making posters of rights and responsibilities to go in the corridors - RRS work.
    Lauren & Aimee

    Next meeting - after Easter.

  14. Catherine & Lewis (Y4 PVSC) Says:


    Opened with a prayer for Mr Fostyk and his family.

    All were present - no apologies.

    We went through last time’s minutes.
    Suggestions - Summer Fair:

    Class 3:

    Class 4:

    Class 5:

    Class 6: Not a lot a lot of sweets for prizes.

    Class 7:

    Class 8:

    Class 9: Spare toys.

    Class 10: UNICEF RRS Meeting 17/04/07 with Mr Johnson, Mrs Brannan, Katie and Rachel. Katie and Rachel to make posters about rights and responsibilities.

    Mr Johnson’s suggestions: Raise funds to buy an Altar table for when Fr Michael comes to school to do mass & other equipment such as a Chalice. Cost - around one thousand pounds.

    FoSH: The P.V.S.C were all invited to a FoSH meeting about the summer fair, on Wednesday the 18th of April, 3pm.

    Other suggestions:

    Football stalls, face paints for KS1, 4 people line up for face paints at a time.

    Friends of Sacred Heart might want another meeting.

    Class 6 ask to buy things.

    Talk to Mrs Gibson to get bouncy Castle quote.

    Things left over sell to teachers.

    Minutes taken by Catherine and Lewis.

  15. Aimee O'Donnell and Lauren McCrory Says:

    Last year we were taught by Katie and Rachel what we should do when we were the head of the Pupil Voice School Council RRS project. What we learned was about children’s rights and responsibilities, wants and needs and how Unicef helps children to see their rights. We are looking forward to meeting Paul Johnson and finding out more about Unicef and how we can become a Rights Respecting School!

    Keep reading our Blog…

    Aimee & Lauren.

  16. Katie Smyth Says:

    Hi Sir,
    I’m at Lauren’s house on her laptop - I’m just seeing how you’re doing without me. I’ve given her the e-mail address for Paul Johnson (RRS) so she can report back on Monday.

  17. Ewan Taylor Says:

    This year the Pupil Voice School Council want to make a difference to our school’s understanding of rights and responsibilities.

  18. Catherine L & Lewis C Says:

    Just to let you know we’re on the p.v.s.c..

    This year we are hoping Classes 9 and 8 can help us by telling us what you would rather have on the playground and in the school.

    We hope you can help!

  19. Lauren McCrory and Aimee O'Donnell Says:

    Last year we were given a task to tell the class about rights and responsibilities so now we are going to be a Rights Respecting School (RRS)!!!
    We are really happy that we have to be the Chair now!

  20. Jake Connor Says:

    I have told my class and teacher about Rights & Responsibilities and Respecting the school.

    No name-calling and bad language and dis-respecting your friends and this school.

    No messing up the work you’re given and being mis-behaved.

  21. Lucy Rawlinson Says:

    I think our class should not hurt each other because people get hurt. A lot of people in this school can get hurt.

  22. Sam Auld Says:

    I think our class should help one another all the time.

  23. Cameron England Says:

    In my class I’ve been telling them that they should not disrespect people in this school.

    No swearing and other bad languge, no disrespeting the school and hurting people and no punching people!

  24. James D Says:

    I think that if some one pulls some one I will help them.

  25. Ewan Taylor Says:

    This year Mr Stubbs wants to make the learning journey exiting and fun.

    Mr Stubbs wants to know who is going on the trip to the other school out of the three PVS Councillors.

    We are thinking about the clubs that students want after school. We have a suggestion box and we want you to put your ideas in the box.

    We have some complaints about breaks when balls are took away for a reason like if they keep hurting people at dinner time.

    Rights Respecting School - so people can be able to believe what they want to believe in without getting bossed around by another child.

  26. lewis and catherine Says:

    12th december 2007
    About the spliting of the play ground.
    Talking about Aspull school.
    Lewis said: It was very good, liked the idea of spliting the playground in three.
    Lucy: The one thing lucy didn’t like about it was that people didn’t follow there school rules,but liked everything else.
    Ewan: They all kept messing about but he still liked the idea.
    All of them thought it wasen’t good that people were slining under the school gates!
    We were also talking about what we could buy for the zones…

    WE looked at a set of tennis rackets, balles, hoops, frizzbys and Pogosticks.
    We thought that would be usefull for zone 3.
    Mr stubbs thought up some ball games with no balles and ball games with balles.
    we also talked about how to cheer year 5 and 6 boys up whilst we will have no football on the playground.

  27. Eve Says:

    Hi, I was wondering if we could have a bike shed put somewhere or is that Eco

  28. Mr Johnson Says:

    At our next PVSC meeting we will be discussing Fair Trade - this is the weblink you will need to look at before the meeting:
    We will also be examining our new school mission statement and rewording it for the children in our school.

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